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Good News Stories

This is my page of good news stories, when you discover you or a family member has KLS and the episodes are frequent or long (if is different in every case) then you want to know whether it is really true - whether one day, we will leave KLS behind and stop wondering when the next episode will happen and be able to make real plans for the future.

So this page contains news to inspire people who are living with KLS that it will get better, the episodes will end or become less frequent. These statements are from real people who have lived with KLS, their comments have been taken from their facebook timelines, from comments/emails sent to us and which are being shared to help us all have hope for the future.

I would love to see Jake's name here, as we achieve each new goal, but equally I would love to hear from more people with KLS who have achieved a promising gap between episodes, and are happy to share their story with others and even allow other families to contact them for more details. If you know of someone who we should add please let us know.

Congratulations to the following people and families.

Facebook Achievement Awards

If you would like to share with us having a period of time that is episode free you are welcome to use these images to celebrate and spread the word on facebook on your own web site.

KLS episode freee KLS episode free Kleine Levin Syndrome 10 years KLS Free